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Our Custom Full Electric Garfield Doll House!

There are SO many details in this gigantic Victorian doll mansion that I would need to write a
book to mention all of them! The Garfield Manor boasts dark walnut hardwood floors throughout
it's nine large rooms and secret tower room and a beautiful deep chocolate brown on the
seemingly endless amount of custom trim.
The living room and dining room ceilings are a grand 11 inches tall so I designed these two
rooms with both  larger baseboard trim and substantial dentil crown molding. Fancy, hand
painted ceiling medallions wonderfully compliment the beautiful chandeliers and the tiled ceilings.
The crowning glory to this dream doll house is the meticulously designed electrical and lighting
throughout. The Garfield Manor was the most challenging house to wire but Tommy did an
incredible job and the outcome is absolutely dazzling.
There are a wide variety of lighting fixtures including a gorgeous crystal chandelier,
amber shade chandelier, and carriage coach lamps on the front porch, plus
hurricane chimney sconces, single candle sconces, and even double candle lion head
wall sconces, PLUS more! An incredible 30 light fixtures are in this house,
with an extra 10 wall outlets throughout! Two custom designed, removable lit fireplaces.
Two balconies, and three sets of French doors, a side kitchen door and secret tower door,
all working with pretty brass hinges and doorknobs.
I LOVE the dining room fox hunt mural, and added mirrors to the built in hutch.
The closet below the stairs and bedroom closets are touches that make the Garfield truly unique.
I believe this could be the MOST Fancy Electric Garfield doll house in the WORLD!

Built and Finished here at
Fancy DollHouses
Artisan crafted heirloom dollhouses of the highest quality.
Garfield Manor, a Victorian Masterpiece!

40" H x 42" W x 30" D

The options for customization in the Garfield Manor are simply
astounding. Each fancy dollhouse is a One Of A Kind piece of
art and yours will reflect your individual tastes and personality.

Approximately 500-600 hours to finish.

Buy one similar with all your own custom options!

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