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Danville Doll House
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Our Gold Level Danville Doll House
The Danville is a huge victorian farmhouse style doll house with a classic
wraparound porch, shuttered windows, and gingerbread trimmed gables.
I built flower boxes for each main window and filled them with colorful mixed flowers.
The Garden Kitchen with a stone look floor and walls of flowers is my favorite
kitchen I've done. I have created an entry area right inside the front door that was
difficult to get a photo of, but has a wrap-around mural and beautiful parquet floor.
The staircase foyer, dining room, and living room are all more formal and have fancy
 ceiling tile. The foyer is a rich burgundy and features architectural upgrades to the
back corners of the space. The dining room is decorated in a shining gold motif and
leads to the living room which can more easily be accessed through the front
opening panel. The colored trim and reproduction wallpaper from the home of
Abraham Lincoln really add to the formality of the first floor rooms.
Some really neat features for the upper two floors are a built in corner shelf,
adorable Noah's ark room, and a very rosy master bedroom, also with front access.
The third floor, like the other two levels, has a variety of flooring and each room
could be used any way the owner of this farmhouse mansion wishes.
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