Custom Finishing
Level Details
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If you have a doll house project with specific extras beyond the desired
levels above, please e-mail me for cost quotes not covered in the list below.

Silver Level Doll Houses are completely built and done with full exterior finishing.
This includes: Three coats of paint on all exterior walls, trim, porches, rails, etc. Extra custom exterior trim for
covering unsightly manufacture tabs/slots, unfinished edges, and gaps,
plus hand applied shingled roof. Two color choices included. Many Labor Hours.
Interior is unfinished wood at this level.
*Silver Is Not Available At This Time*

Gold Level Doll Houses are like silver but include full interior finishing also.
This includes: Your choice of painted/stained interior trim, windows and doors.
Your choice of paint/wallpaper on interior walls, wainscot 2 rooms, chair rail 2 rooms, ceiling tile 1 level,
other ceilings will be painted or covered in ceiling paper. ALL Floors will be your choice of custom fit
real varnished wood plank, tile, carpet, or simulated marble.
Ceiling molding and baseboard trim throughout will be custom measured, cut, painted or stained and installed.
Painted or stained staircases with extra trim when needed, 2 quality upgrade fireplaces,
extra chimney detailing, door hinges
(if possible), and designer door knobs. Hand applied shingled roof.
Countless Labor Hours.
*Gold Is Not Available At This Time*

Platinum Level Doll Houses are like gold but include full electric wiring also.
This includes: Appropriate 12v Cir-Kit Concepts transformer, lead wire with on/off switch, junction splice, all
tape wire needed, installation of up to 10 hardwired fixtures,
(fixtures not included) installation of 1 wall
outlet for every room, all wall outlets needed, all brass brads/eyelets needed,
and a Bunch of Tedious Technical Labor Hours.
Platinum Finishing Level Is Available.

Stellar Level Doll Houses are for the client with a taste for the very finest things in life. Some of the
extravagant features one might choose to add are design inlaid wood floors, carved doorway arches,
columns, intricate ceiling and wall carvings, or full wall wood panels. You could even have your ceiling tile
finished with 24 karat gold leaf! The sky's the limit at the Stellar Level!
Please contact me if budget and time are of no concern.
Stellar Finishing Level Is Available. :)
All our finishing levels below include the cost of the kit, shingles, paint, glue and all basic build supplies.
Doll houses and exact prices for these different finish levels are on my main Doll Houses Page.
Welcome to our Custom Finishing Level Details.
"a la carte" extras down below.
General Extras a la carte Price Guide
(Two very small rooms = One room)

One adapted and/or hardwired fixture installation = $15.00
(Ten fixture installations are included in our platinum level)

One room ceiling tile =  $25.00
(All rooms on one level are included with our gold/platinum levels)

One room wainscot = $75.00
(Two rooms are included with our gold/platinum levels)

Upgrade fireplace = $25.00 (non lit) $40.00 (lit)
(Two non lit upgrade fireplaces are included with our gold/platinum levels)

Built in hutches or shelves = $35.00 each.

Interior doors = $20.00 each.

Additional exterior paint colors = $10.00 each.
(Two exterior colors are included with our silver, gold, platinum levels)

Custom exterior clapboard siding
Please contact for pricing.

Please note:
Custom exterior clapboard siding only applies to Greenleaf or 1/8th inch plywood type doll houses.
Most "Real Good Toys" doll houses have a choice of smooth or clapboard exterior,
these "Real Good Toys" models will have no additional clapboard siding labor charge.

Lighting Fixtures Here!
Fancy DollHouses
Dollhouse finishing levels provided.
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